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Current Projects - Space Lands - Winner of first prize in the Brilliant Book Awards 2009.

Paul Freeman is a photographer of the history of technology, culture and ideas based near to London in the UK. His most recent project is Spacelands, a project executed between 2007 and 2009 in the south west states of the USA.

Spacelands was conceived as a book project from the outset and consists of approximately 60 images photographed using large format digital equipment. The book draft won first prize in the 2009 Brilliant Book Awards awarded by Ag Magazine.

"Roadside Rocket I" is being exhibited as part of the Foto8 awards show at the Crane Kalman Brighton gallery until September 27th 2009



Alamogordo I, 2009


"King of Kings am I,
If anyone would know
how great I was, and where I lie
let him surpass one of my works"

Ramesses II


Roadside Rocket I, 2009


"History progresses at the speed of its weapons systems"

Paul Virilio


Spaceport Cafe, 2009



Pauls past projects include 'I Remember the Future', photographs of iconic architecture reimagined, and 'Citta Ideale' a reflection on urban movement.

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